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Default Another use for starter tabs & making larger or smaller belts in the field

This question was asked and should be shared with the other readers The starter tabs in each 100rd belt also help to orient the belt so you are not inserting it in the upside down as you can only insert the belt one way with a starter tab always at the same end of the belt.

The surplus belts or surplus scrap purchased as steel scrap by the Kilogram from scrap yards that have been imported in many cases are for earlier guns and not necessarily PKMs. Not unlike buying used climbing ropes or parachutes and hoping they work most of the time. It the belt fails, then so does the gun. Some may fit and feed, some may not but most or many do not have starter tabs and this is why belts can go in upside down.

Additionally, the 100rd belts with starter tabs are the most practical however, when you need larger or smaller belts in the field the sizes can be made larger or smaller with a pair of need nose pliers. This is the same way they are assembled by hand on the production line and we can also make or convert from stock larger or smaller belts to order. Complex part, "old school" production, however, very effective and less chance of damage during assembly. This is also why PKM links traditionally cost more the simpler to produce 7.62 x 51 M-13 or 5.56x45 M-27 NATO links.
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