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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:smile: Icon Smile Icon Smile
:thumb: Fing32zu8 Fing32zu8
:wink: Icon Smile Wink Icon Smile Wink
:cool: Icon Smile Cool Icon Smile Cool
:blush: Icon Smile Blush Icon Smile Blush
:tongue: Icon Smile Tongue Icon Smile Tongue
:clown: Icon Smile Clown Icon Smile Clown
:blackeye: Icon Smile Blackeye Icon Smile Blackeye
:confused: Smiley Confused Smiley Confused
:freak: Smileyfreakdt7 Smileyfreakdt7
:abused1: Smiley Abused Smiley Abused
:smartass: Smiley Smartass Smiley Smartass
:sad1: Icon Smile Sad Icon Smile Sad
:shy: Icon Smile Shy Icon Smile Shy
:shock1: Icon Smile Shock Icon Smile Shock
:angry: Icon Smile Angry Icon Smile Angry
:dead: Icon Smile Dead Icon Smile Dead
:sleepy: Icon Smile Sleepy Icon Smile Sleepy
icon1456 slightlyconfused slightlyconfused
:dissapprove: Icon Smile Dissapprove Icon Smile Dissapprove
:nosmile: Smiley Nosmile Smiley Nosmile
:question: Icon Smile Question Icon Smile Question
:bucktooth: Smiley Bucktooth Smiley Bucktooth
:army: Armysmileynz0 Armysmileynz0
:scuba: Smiley Scuba Smiley Scuba
:green: Mr. Green Mr. Green
:thinkin: thinking thinking
:rolleyes: Anim Rolleyes Anim Rolleyes
:2cents: 2centsicon 2centsicon
:coffee: Anim Coffee Anim Coffee
:beer: Anim Beer Anim Beer
:crying: Smiley CryingHysterical Smiley CryingHysterical
4854 Sheepdog Sheepdog
:sadbanana: Sad banana Sad banana
:50cal: Anim 50cal Anim 50cal
:hippie: Hippie Hippie
:lols: Lolsmileyxs0 Lolsmileyxs0
:stooges: Stooges Stooges
:obama: Obama Obama
:overreaction: Over reaction Over reaction
:grumpy cat: Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat
:shootingm16: Shooting M16 Shooting M16
:shock: Anim Shock Anim Shock
:grumpy cat2: Grumpy Cat2 Grumpy Cat2
:shrug2: Shrug2 Shrug2
:holysheep: Holy Sheep Holy Sheep
:braveheart: Braveheart Braveheart
:drawguns: Draw guns Draw guns
:yoda: Yoda Yoda
:gotak: Gotak Gotak
:thefuhrer: Fuhrer Fuhrer
:darkemperor: Emperor Emperor
:popcornbanana: Popcorn Banana Popcorn Banana
:wow: Anim Wow Anim Wow
:kissmyass: Kiss my ass Kiss my ass
:facepalm2: Facepalm2 Facepalm2
:moon: Anim Moon Anim Moon
:flame: Anim Flame Anim Flame
:desertlurker: Desert lurker Desert lurker
:tsacheckpoint: security checkpoint security checkpoint
:bounce: Anim Bounce Anim Bounce
:troll: Trollsmileyxv4 Trollsmileyxv4
:angrybanana: Angry Banana Angry Banana
:oldman: Old Man Old Man
:big: Icon Smile Big Icon Smile Big
:chainsaw: Chain Saw Chain Saw
:chainsawhead: Chainsaw Doom Chainsaw Doom
:cryingagain: Crying Crying
:iwanttoshootthatgun Shoot that gun Shoot that gun
:banasplits: Happy Banana Happy Banana
:bananariding camel: Banana Riding Camel Banana Riding Camel
:bananapeep: Banana Peep Banana Peep
:bananaemu: Banana Emu Banana Emu
:bananacow: Banana Cow Banana Cow
:woohoo: woohoo woohoo
:bananarimshot: Banana Rim Shot Banana Rim Shot
:dancingupsidedown: Dancing upside down Dancing upside down
:headsmash: Head Smash Head Smash
:approve: Icon Smile Approve Icon Smile Approve
:alien: Smiley Alien Smiley Alien
:hail2: Anim Hail2 Anim Hail2
:skull: Skullcrossbones Skullcrossbones
:buttkick: Anim Buttkick Anim Buttkick
:toilet: Animtoilet Animtoilet
:grenade: Animgrenade Animgrenade
:allright: Allright Allright
:grr: pistols pistols
:party: Anim Party Anim Party
:stunned: Stunnedbanana Stunnedbanana
:popcornwk: Popcornwk Popcornwk
:poop: Poop Poop
:pissingcontest: Pissingcontest Pissingcontest
:monkey: Monkeynosepick Monkeynosepick
:matrix: Matrixh Matrixh
:love: Lovegw Lovegw
:loco: Locoo Locoo
:dito: Iconsmiledito Iconsmiledito
:rant: Rantc Rantc
:highfive: Highfiveg Highfiveg
:russianroulette: Russianroulette Russianroulette
:snotworthy: Smileywearenotworthyani Smileywearenotworthyani
:zombie: Zombiesmiley Zombiesmiley
:wtf: Wtfsmiley Wtfsmiley
:sigh: Sigho Sigho
:shootingsoldier: Shootingsoldier Shootingsoldier
:sheepaid: Sheepaid Sheepaid
:shakehead: Shakeheadv Shakeheadv
:screw: Screwsmiley Screwsmiley
:headshot: Headshotsmiley Headshotsmiley
:grouptalk: Grouptalksmiley Grouptalksmiley
:dancinggrenade: Dancinggrenade3 Dancinggrenade3
:funnypost: Funnypost Funnypost
:bump: Bumpz Bumpz
:fap: Fapt Fapt
:facepalm: Facepalmhn Facepalmhn
:drooln: Drooln Drooln
:drivingshift: Drivingshift Drivingshift
:doht: Doht Doht
:begins: Begins Begins
:fu: Ffuugif Ffuugif
:getboth: Getbothsmiley Getbothsmiley
:gitrdone: Gitrdone Gitrdone
:asshat: Asshat Asshat
:FU: fu fu
:devilgrin: devilgrin devilgrin
:clap: clap clap
:wth: what what
:razz: razz razz
:dirtymind: dirtymind dirtymind
:whistling: whistling whistling
:disappointed: disappointed disappointed
:pistols: pistols pistols
:bandit: bandit bandit
:hiya: hiya hiya
:bong: Bong Bong
:nwt: notwatchingthis notwatchingthis
:saluteicon: Saluteicon Saluteicon
:rocking: Rocking Rocking
:panic: Panic Panic
:amen: amen amen
:eeek: Eeek Eeek
:newbie: newbie newbie
:cheerleader: Cheerleader Cheerleader
:crysmilie: cry cry
:tub: Tub Tub
:faint: faint faint
:drool: drool drool
:blahblah: Blahblah Blahblah
:hahaha: hahaha hahaha
:scared: Scared Scared
:ohgeez: ohgeez ohgeez
:tounge: Tounge Tounge
:stir: Stir Stir
:poke: poke poke
:spend: Spend Spend
:king: king king
:toiletflush: toiletflush toiletflush
:wrench: wrench wrench
:peep: Anim Peep Anim Peep
:banghead: Anim Banghead Anim Banghead
:cussing: Anim Cussing Anim Cussing
:saluteflag: saluteflag saluteflag
:bow: Anim Bow Anim Bow
:bannana: Anim Bannana Anim Bannana
:bs: Anim Bs Anim Bs
:couchtinfoils: Couchtinfoilsmileyxq2 Couchtinfoilsmileyxq2
:horse: Anim Horse Anim Horse
:gaga: Anim Gaga Anim Gaga
:dupe: Dupegc2 Dupegc2
:salute1: salute1 salute1
:hail: Anim Hail Anim Hail
:headbang: Anim Headbang Anim Headbang
:beating: Beatingadeadhorsesmileymn8 Beatingadeadhorsesmileymn8
:lolabove: Anim Lolabove Anim Lolabove
:nono: Anim Nono Anim Nono
:rofl: Anim Rofl Anim Rofl
:rofl2: Anim Rofl2 Anim Rofl2
:sleep: Anim Sleep Anim Sleep
:sniper: Anim Sniper Anim Sniper
:sniper2: Anim Sniper2 Anim Sniper2
:soapbox: Anim Soapbox Anim Soapbox
:torch: Anim Torch Anim Torch
:thinking: Anim Thinking Anim Thinking
:uzi: Anim Uzi Anim Uzi
:wave: Anim Wave Anim Wave
:whacko: Anim Whacko Anim Whacko
:devil: Anim Devil Anim Devil
:nana: Anim Nana Anim Nana
:shithitsthefan: Shithitsthefan Shithitsthefan
:speedbanana: Speedbanana Speedbanana
:pat: Pat Pat
:crapfan: Crapfan Crapfan
:tinfoil: Emot Tinfoil Emot Tinfoil
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:takingadump: Takingadump Takingadump
:rimshot: Rimshot Rimshot
:suicide: Suicide Suicide
:shrug: Shrug Shrug
:Tank: Tank Tank
:topic: Topic Topic
:rauch3: Rauch25 Rauch25
:snacking: Snacking Snacking
:rauch1: Rauch16 Rauch16
:rauch2: Rauch21 Rauch21
:sheep: Sheep Sheep
:hang: Sterb243 Sterb243
:ak: Sterb323 Sterb323
:puke: Anim Puke Anim Puke
:eck: Eck02 Eck02
:boozer: Anim Boozer Anim Boozer
:hillbilly: Hillbilly Hillbilly
:cry: 1346ws4 1346ws4
:bs2: Anim Bs2 Anim Bs2
:marines: Animmarinesvd7 Animmarinesvd7
:doh: Fing20wv2 Fing20wv2
:evilgun: Evilgunsmileycy9 Evilgunsmileycy9
:fuckyou: Fing26bf9 Fing26bf9
:FUCKYOU: Fing29qd6 Fing29qd6
:ballbeater: Ballbeatersmileymb9 Ballbeatersmileymb9
:salute2: Smiley Salute Smiley Salute
:abused: Smileyabusedbh8 Smileyabusedbh8
:threadjacked: Threadjackedfj2 Threadjackedfj2
:thisissparta: Thisisspartabydooomow7 Thisisspartabydooomow7
:tinfoil2: Tinfoil2sj6 Tinfoil2sj6
:lol: Anim Lol Anim Lol
:wc: Wc Wc
killdozergif :killdozergif: :killdozergif:
:postfu: Picsorstfusmileytj8 Picsorstfusmileytj8
:piss: Piss2jg5st9 Piss2jg5st9
:devil2: Teu92 Teu92
:argue: Anim Argue Anim Argue
weldersparks :weldersparks: :weldersparks:
mighelmet :mig: :mig:
woot :woot: :woot:
thumbs down :thumbs down: :thumbs down:
jason :jason: :jason:
dead hanging :dead hanging: :dead hanging:
:couchsmiley: Couchsmiley1vf8 Couchsmiley1vf8
:mehbanana: Mehbanana Mehbanana
:doubleangry: Doubleangry Doubleangry
:mailboxhappy: Mailboxhappy Mailboxhappy
:skullsmiley: Skullsmiley Skullsmiley
:machinegun: Machinegundown Machinegundown
:santasmiley: Santasmiley Santasmiley
:coffeenews: Coffee News Coffee News
:Readingnewspaper: Readingnewspaper 1 Readingnewspaper 1
:hose: stick horse stick horse
:popcornpirate: Popcornpirate 1 Popcornpirate 1
:Horsesmiley: Horsesmiley Horsesmiley
:bananarage: Bananarage 1 Bananarage 1
:Popcorn2: Popcornnew 1 Popcornnew 1
:asskick: Asskick Asskick
:pissright: Pissright Pissright
:Freddiesmiley: Freddiesmiley 1 Freddiesmiley 1
:oilbarrel: Oil Barrel Oil Barrel
:brick2: Anim Brick2 Anim Brick2
:twothumbs: Twothumbsup 1 Twothumbsup 1
:pissleft: Pissleft Pissleft
:finger2: Finger 1 Finger 1
:tankbanana: Tankerbanana 1 Tankerbanana 1
:facepalm1: Facepalm Facepalm
:Elvis: Elvis Elvis
:sweating: Sweating 1 Sweating 1
:ohsnap: Ohsnap Ohsnap
:drillsergeant: Drillsergeant Drillsergeant
:sssh: Sssh 1 Sssh 1
ground sniper :ground sniper: :ground sniper:
rifle man :rifle man: :rifle man:
:captured: captured captured
run jump stab :run jump stab: :run jump stab:
machine gun left :machine gunner left: :machine gunner left:
AT3 :AT4: :AT4:
alarm trooper :alarm trooper: :alarm trooper:
AA Machine Gun :AA machine gun: :AA machine gun:
AAA Gun :anti aircraft artillery: :anti aircraft artillery:
Duel :duel: :duel:
machine gunner right :machine gunner right: :machine gunner right:
rocket gun :rocket gun: :rocket gun:
AR15icon :AR15icon: :AR15icon:
biker1 :biker1: :biker1:
biker2 :biker2: :biker2:
biker3 :biker3: :biker3:
tank on the move :tank on the move: :tank on the move:
cheers with beers :cheers with beers: :cheers with beers:
dog mummy :dog mummy: :dog mummy:
tank shooting :tank shooting: :tank shooting:
donkey cart :donkey cart: :donkey cart:
flame shot :flame shot: :flame shot:
super shotgun :super shotgun: :super shotgun:
flying bomber :flying bomber: :flying bomber:
garbage fortress :garbage fortress: :garbage fortress:
gasmask1 :gasmask1: :gasmask1:
hover jet :hover jet: :hover jet:
green helmet :green helmet: :green helmet:
tank shooting1 :tankshooting1: :tankshooting1:
riverboat :riverboat: :riverboat:
m1 helmet :m1 helmet: :m1 helmet:
kilroy was here :kilroy was here: :kilroy was here:
m249 gunner :m249 gunner: :m249 gunner:
man eater :man eater: :man eater:
maneater plant :maneater plant: :maneater plant:
marine :marine: :marine:
mini gun soldier :min gun soldier: :min gun soldier:
mini ufo :mini ufo: :mini ufo:
armored rail car :armored rail car: :armored rail car:
mortar man :mortarman: :mortarman:
armored transport :armored transport: :armored transport:
MP5icon :MP5icon: :MP5icon:
russian ak :russian ak: :russian ak:
peace brother :peace bothers: :peace bothers:
brit sniper :brit sniper: :brit sniper:
60mm mortarman :60mm mortarman: :60mm mortarman:
rocket diver :rocket diver: :rocket diver:
old guard salute :old guard salute: :old guard salute:
helo :helo: :helo:
harrier jet :harrier jet: :harrier jet:
smoking smiley :smoking smiley: :smoking smiley:
cctv :cctv: :cctv:
soldier rocket throw :soldier rocket throw: :soldier rocket throw:
ball turret :ball turret: :ball turret:
armed drifters :armed drifters: :armed drifters:
tank shell :tank shell: :tank shell:
two thumbs up :two thumbs up: :two thumbs up:
ufo :ufo: :ufo:
machinery :machinery: :machinery:
wave sign :wave sign: :wave sign:
flying airplane :flying airplane: :flying airplane:
chained :chained: :chained:
cheering troops :cheering troops: :cheering troops:
troop campfire :troop campfire: :troop campfire:
Rpg Trooper :rpg trooper: :rpg trooper:
troop gossip :troop gossip: :troop gossip:
Attack troop :attack troop: :attack troop:
:cooter: Cootersmileylu8 Cootersmileylu8
:cowboy: Cowboygunsmileyfv5 Cowboygunsmileyfv5
:shitstorm: Shitstormsmileybk8 Shitstormsmileybk8
:shittingbricks: Shittingbrickssmileymo6 Shittingbrickssmileymo6
:payback: Paybacksmileyvb1 Paybacksmileyvb1
:army1: Armysmiliesna0 Armysmiliesna0
:gasmaskgirl: Gasmaskgirl Gasmaskgirl
:ttiwwp: Ttiwwp Ttiwwp
:donttreadonme: Donttreadonme Donttreadonme
machinegun bunker :machinegunbunker: :machinegunbunker:
:SmileyWars: SmileyWars1 1 SmileyWars1 1

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